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Having a good visual ability is not an option, start to use Optic KIT © and forget your blurry vision.
Start to see clearly NOW !

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Why to dive or make snorkeling if you cannot see the magnificent things around you !
See the magnificent marine life around you clearly as you dive or snorkel.
Optic Kit allows you to see things with perfect contrast while under water.

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Stay concentrate on your performance in the pool and forget your visual defect...
Start to see clearly NOW !

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Stay safe on the road with your favorite Cycling Glasses...
Don’t strain your eyes while wearing cycling goggles.
Keep your eyes focused on the trail with the help of Optic Kit
which is the trusted corrective lens kit for your goggles.

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Keep the pleasure of skiing without having a blurred vision and dangerous for others around you...
Enjoy winter sports while your eyes are protected as you see clearly with the help of Optic Kit.
This stick-on lens is perfectly adapted to correct your vision just like your eyeglasses.

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Goggles Safety Glasses


Working requires precision and staying safe, which is impossible with blurred vision...
Pay attention to detail as you carry out your tasks in the workshop or laboratory while protecting your eyes with safety goggles.
Optic Kit is a perfect substitution when you can’t wear your eyeglasses.

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Optic KIT ©

Corrective Lens for Eyeglasses

Applicable to all safety goggles

OPTIC lens KIT applicable to all safety goggles

Optic Kit is a must-have accessory for enhancing the clarity of your safety goggles, glasses or safety mask. This universal application makes it convenient for any outdoor sports enthusiast or DIY specialist. NEVER lose clarity of what is around you, even without your trusted eyeglasses. Optic Kit is the answer if you want corrective lenses for your protective eyewear.

Easy to cut and adapt

OPTIC lens KIT easy to cut and adapt

It only takes a few seconds to cut your Optic Kit with a scissors to the desired size and shape. Turn your goggles into effective temporary eyeglasses by using this pair of corrective lenses. Optic Kit also adheres easily to the inside of your eyewear without use of any other additive. Once Optic Kit sticks it stays there throughout its use until you decide to remove it.

Stick-on everywhere

OPTIC lens KIT Stick-on everywhere

Optic Kit is 100% safe. Stick it on your favourite goggles or mask without any fear of damage to your precious eyewear. Our engineers ensured Optic Kit perfectly blends with the optic strength of your eyeglasses so you can use it as corrective lenses. Thanks to this innovation now you can see clearly while biking, snorkelling, skating or even doing your carpentry!

What is it?

Optic kit is the accessory you need. We are committed to offer quality corrective lenses for goggles or your sports mask which are easy to use. Optic Kit is the product of choice when you want to protect your eyes and at the same time maintain visual clarity. This applies to sports activities like diving, cycling, skiing or sky diving or if you need to wear workshop goggles. Simply stick Optic Kit to your eyewear as directed. Safety comes first but why should you strain your eyes while wearing safety goggles or your sports mask? Optic Kit comes with the same optic power as your eyeglasses so you should comfortably use it without any problem. Don't worry about compatibility issues as Optic Kit is universal so the same kit you use for your sports mask can be used when you wear safety goggles in a workshop.

Optic kit is a set of corrective lenses you buy and stick to your safety goggles or mask in order to correct your vision. Take it as a temporary replacement of your eyeglasses, the latter which you can’t wear during activities which need eye protection. In a few minutes you can cut the Optic kit into the shape of your optical goggles and stick it on the inside. The molecular adhesion properties enable the Optic kit to act as a stick-on lens without the need of any adhesive like other products on the market. Removal is even easier as you simply peel it off. The beauty of Optic kit is that you can use it multiple times which is cost-effective.

Optic Kit is a product that we created with you in mind. If you are struggling to maintain focus while wearing your goggles or sports mask, then Optic Kit is for you. Its ease of use makes it convenient and coupled with unrivalled clarity, what you get is an indispensable accessory. Our laboratory and research team came up with this solution after noting the need to have corrective lenses for goggles and sports mask. Optic Kit uses Fresnel lens technology to achieve a lightweight, thin design and easily adheres inside your goggles. The product passed safety standards and you can use it with your safety goggles without worrying about any adverse effects.
We are already shipping Optic Kit worldwide and our satisfied clients bear positive testimony to its convenience.
Your location is no barrier to accessing Optic Kit and we process orders from:
North America, Europe, Asia, Rest of the world...
We have a dedicated help-desk with friendly customer service to answer any queries concerning Optic Kit or facilitate your orders. Our thrust is to make sure you have nonstop access to corrective lenses for your goggles or sports mask.

Why should I buy it?

  • Your sight is important and you don’t want to miss any details when you put aside your fragile eyeglasses.
  • Every now and then you may engage in activities that require you to protect your eyes.
  • Here you need prescription goggles be it for sports or projects.
  • We bring you the ultimate solution if you want the best disposable corrective lens kit for use with safety goggles.
  • Optic kit was designed with you, the user in mind.
  • This kit is highly reliable and user-friendly, which are attributes you need in perfect corrective optical goggles.
  • Look no further if you want a universal solution that will enable crystal clear sight while your eyes are protected at the same time.
  • Don’t waste any time with cheap low quality products out there.
  • You want the best prescription goggles and Optic kit turns your favorite safety eyewear into a perfect temporary substitute for your usual prescription glasses.

How do I get it?

All these platforms are available for you to securely place your order and join thousands of satisfied customers.

  • We have a dedicated and friendly customer support ready to assist you with more information on the Optic kit.
  • Get first hand information 24/7 and you can also follow us on social media.
  • Alternatively, you can also leave your details by email and we will answer you as soon as possible.
  • Our staff knows the nuts and bolts of corrective Optic kit so your questions will definitely be answered.
Change you daily life with our product

Optic KIT © corrects vision on ALL goggles and sports masks

Are there specific goggles recommended for Optic kit?

The quick answer is no. As long as you wear a pair of safety goggles or a safety mask to protect your eyes you need Optic kit. This is because it’s a universal corrective lens that fits any optical frame of your safety eyewear. All you need is to order Optic kit with the same optic strength as your eyeglasses. Once you do that you follow simple instructions to stick the lenses to your goggles.


Satisfied Clients



All Masks
All Goggles
All Glasses
All Safety Glasses
  • Optic Kit is flexible and easy to cut into the desired size and shape.
  • Adhesion to your goggles or safety mask doesn't require any additional agent.
  • This corrective lens itself has molecular adhesion properties, making it easy to stick or remove.
  • A single kit is reusable multiple times making Optic Kit cost-effective.
  • Don't hesitate to make this part of your gear and see the world with a new set of eyes.
  • Our research team has been on the ground perfecting this technology and once we launched it sales exploded. There are a lot of success stories of customers who felt liberated because now they can use safety eyewear effectively.
  • The way Optic kit is clear and consistent is unparalleled and if you have been searching for the best prescription goggles you are at the right place. We have crafted a perfect product for you.

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It's simple

Optic Kit is smart optical solution.

Is it safe?

The last thing you want is a product with side effects. Well, Optic kit is far from that as it is made from silicone which is inert. Vision correction by Optic kit corresponds to the specifications of your prescription glasses. Therefore you shouldn’t notice any difference upon switching to Optic kit. Avoid straining your eyes if you have an eyesight problem. Scientist goggles or sports glasses can all be converted into the best prescription goggles by using Optic kit. This gives you clear safety goggles allowing your eyes to see more detail. Achieve the best vision for sports with Optic kit.

How do I tell the genuine from fake?

Optic kit is a registered trademark and our team is on high alert for any imitators out there. As long as you order your Optic kit from our website you get the real deal. For any queries please contact our customer support or reach us on our social media platforms.Our product is tried and tested and is of the highest quality. Don’t expect to find any defects in Optic kit. Each product we ship is carefully checked to ensure it meets the preset standards. We offer follow up support to ensure you don’t face any challenges using Optic kit.

Should I wait?

Optic kit has already been revised by our engineers to achieve the thin flexible properties which make it easy to use. It is based on Aspheric lens and Fresnel prism principle which has long been used in other technological sectors. What you get once you place your order is a polished, market-ready product therefore don’t hesitate if you need Optic kit. It will change the way you see things around you as you wear your safety eyewear. The product is here to stay and the endorsement of the technology by authorities in ophthalmology means it’s a very viable must-have accessory. Place your order today and our customer support will assist you.

Optic KIT © smart Optic solution


What our clients Say

Optic Kit happy client

Once I started using Optic Kit with my diving goggles I had a new clearer marine experience. Even under water the corrective lens kit performs exceptional well and sticks firmly to the goggles. I used to miss my prescription glasses but now it’s a thing of the past. I will definitely keep on using Optic kit

James Robertson

Happy Clients

I’m a carpenter and precision is needed when marking or cutting joints. I used to switch between my eyeglasses when marking lines and safety goggles when cutting the wood. This was annoying and slowed down my work. Thanks to Optic kit I now have prescription goggles and my work is efficient. Their customer support is friendly too.

John Smith

Happy Clients

My friend Bob introduced me to Optic kit after I noticed how fast he manoeuvred through dirt trails where we go cycling. He used to complain of poor vision when using cycling goggles. As someone who also uses sunglasses I had the same challenge but after incorporating Optic kit in my goggles, cycling has never been the same. It’s a must-have accessory for any serious cyclist.

Mary Jones

Happy Clients

This is an awesome corrective lens kit! I use it with all my goggles, be it swimming or biking. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues. Optic kit doesn’t require rocket science to cut it and stick on the goggles. I was sceptical at first but everything is exactly like they described. A very big thank you to the developers of Optic kit, it’s a life-saver.

Robert Johnson

Happy Clients