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All about corrective lenses for goggles with Fresnel prism

Optic-kit.com gives the possibilities to get corrective lenses goggles with Fresnel Prism

Do you wear prescription eyeglasses?

Sometimes you ditch them for your favourite safety goggles whenever you want to perform outdoor sports or do some work. However, most goggles are not designed to correct vision which is a downside. Therefore you soldier through these activities without a sharp visual focus. Fortunately, we address that gap by bringing you the innovative Fresnel prism membrane, which allows you to wear your favourite goggles and still see very clearly. This is a set of corrective lenses for goggles, available as the Optic Kit and designed for easy use. You will learn more about it in the next sections.

Background of Fresnel prism

A quest to make a simpler lens for lighthouses led to the discovery of a Fresnel prism. This new type of lens was thinner and lighter while simultaneously preserving the optic power of a conventional lens. A physicist named Augustin-Jean Fresnel pioneered its development around 1820s and in the present day one of the applications of the Fresnel prism is in corrective lenses of goggles. The technology evolved from rigid wafers to a flexible membrane and is named after him. You now have access to this product in the form of temporary corrective lenses for goggles. Simply stick these lenses easily to the inner surface of your safety glasses per rising need. It also found its way into other non-medical applications. Examples include the automobile industry and lighting industry but we will not discuss that here.

Regular lens vs prism

To understand how a Fresnel prism works you need to distinguish it from a regular lens used in eyeglasses. The latter type of lens is a curved, transparent piece of glass which converges light (convex lens) or diverges light (concave lens). On the other hand, a prism also comes as a transparent piece of glass. It is usually triangular in cross-section, with refractive surfaces hence also bends light like a regular lens. In other words, the main difference is in the shape but the principles of refraction are the same.

Development of the Fresnel prism membrane

Back in the 1820s, a eureka moment took place. Fresnel decided to develop a glass surface which used minute prisms arranged in concentric rings to converge light or diverge light. Early products were rigid and lacked transparency required for vision correction. However, the application of the Fresnel technology in ophthalmology became prominent in the 1970s. During this period a flexible Fresnel membrane was developed and it is still in current use. It is available as Optic Kit and you use it universally as corrective lenses for goggles.

Benefits of Fresnel prism technology

Following its development, this technology was revolutionary. While the applications remained the same, the Fresnel prism introduced the following advantages over a regular lens or conventional prism:

  • Thinner refractive surface
  • Preservation of optic power
  • Lighter lens
  • Cost-effective
  • A flexible lens
  • Ideal for temporary applications
  • Less bulky

Selecting the right lens for visual correction

There are many visual disorders which need correction with eyeglasses. Examples include short sight, long sight or astigmatism to name a few. Your optician assesses you and establishes the degree of the visual defect. A number called a refractive index is assigned to determine the appropriate lens curvature. Thereafter, an appropriate corrective pair of eyeglasses is prescribed. This refractive error remains static until there is need to renew your eyeglasses and this normally happens when there are changes in your eyes due to aging.
Your eyeglasses can be reverse-engineered if the refractive index of the lens is known. Therefore if you break or lose your eyeglasses all that is needed is the refractive index to make new ones. Similarly you can get a Fresnel prism membrane kit with the same refractive index as your eyeglasses for use as corrective lenses for your goggles. This is how you can grab your Optic Kit and use it right away without going through much technical stuff.

Use of prisms in visual correction

There are medical conditions in which a prism is used to correct vision, as opposed to a regular lens alone. The commonest use is in managing visual field defects e.g. squint and hemianopsia. In hemianopsia there is loss of vision in either the outer half or inner half of the eye depending on where the lesion is on the optic nerve.
In mild cases, a prism is incorporated in the lens of your eyeglasses on the affected side. However, in situations which require extreme correction of the visual field deficit, the size of the prism becomes too large. This is where the convenience of a thin Fresnel prism membrane is utilized. The arrangement of the miniature prisms on the thin membrane refracts light similar to what a large prism would do.

What is an Optic Kit ?

As what has already been highlighted above, the Optic-Kit uses Fresnel prism technology. This comes as a thin, flexible membrane usually made of light, optical-grade silicone. The flexibility of the Fresnel prism membrane allows it to conform to the curvature of your eyeglass lens. In addition, the embedded prisms make it possible for a thin lens to be made. This makes it possible for the Optic Kit to be less than 1 mm thick even at maximum power. It’s difficult to achieve these dimensions if the Fresnel process is not used and consequently it will be difficult to use the Optic Kit as corrective lenses for goggles.

Why do you need the Optic-Kit ?

Now that you know the background of the Fresnel prism you may still be wondering if it’s really for you. The good news is that you don’t have to strain your eyes every time you wear safety goggles. Protection of your eyes is important and with the Optic Kit you achieve that. There is no more interruption of whatever you do because of your inability to see clearly. It’s ideal for goggles used in the following applications:

  • Snorkelling/Swimming
  • Biking
  • Cycling
  • Winter sports
  • Operation of power tools
  • Welding
  • In laboratories

    In other words the Optic Kit is used in any application where you want not only to protect your eyes but also retain the visual clarity. As the kit is light in weight, you won’t experience any discomfort while using these corrective lenses for goggles.


With the Optic Kit, you perform your favourite sporting activities with renewed confidence. This was made possible by a physicist named Augustin-Jean Fresnel and the technology was named after him. Consequently, no more worrying about eye strain and fatigue as you use our corrective lenses for goggles. Get the job done in your workshop and enjoy outdoor sports with a peace of mind. Let the Optic Kit be the stick-on lens of choice when you are out in the world and can’t use your eyeglasses. Our product is tried and tested by experts so what’s left is for you to order it now and join the multitude of satisfied customers worldwide.