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How do you apply it ?

Application of the Optic Kit is easy and it doesn’t require any complicated manual.
All you need is your Optic Kit, a pair of scissors, a pair of goggles you want to use and you are good to go.
The Optic kit is safe to use and you actually have better visual clarity while wearing your safety goggles.
If you don’t want to read through the steps you can simply watch the video below.

How to apply optic kit for the corrective lenses with safety goggles ?

Watch our demo video
How do you apply it ?

Steps to apply:

Have your goggles

and your Optic-Kit of the appropriate optic power ready. The optical power of your eyeglass lens should be the same as that of the Optic-Kit.

Make sure

the inner surface of your goggles is clean by wiping off any debris or smudges with a lint free cloth

Cut the size and shape

of the Optic-Kit to fit in the goggles. It’s important to make sure the membrane is cut such that it doesn’t overlap the edge of the goggles or frame because any air trapped between the two surfaces will cause the Fresnel membrane to separate from the goggles.

Spray a little clean water

on the inner surface of your goggles. This will facilitate the positioning of the Fresnel membrane to the surface of the goggles.

The static silicone of the Fresnel membrane adheres to the goggles

without adding any water due to molecular surface adhesion properties. This makes it fast and convenient to apply.

Apply the cut membrane on the goggles,

gently pressing with your finger to make sure that the two surfaces have adhered to each other.

The Optic Kit simply sticks

to the goggles as it adheres well as explained above.

Once you complete that you are done!

Enjoy your activities and notice how clearer the world is even without your eyeglasses.

Start the steps to apply optic kit for the corrective lenses with safety goggles You are done and finished the Steps to apply optic kit for the corrective lenses with safety goggles
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Steps to remove the Optic-Kit

Removal of the Optic-Kit is super-easy and takes a few seconds. You simply use your fingers to peel it off the surface of your goggles. The beauty of our product is that you can always reapply the same kit as need arises. In addition, the portability of the Optic-Kit makes it easy to carry it around as you perform your outdoor activities and application requires no expert knowledge.