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Prescription Swimming Goggles

Corrective lens for Swimming Goggles

Optic-kit.com gives the possibilities to get corrective lenses goggles with Fresnel Prism


Say goodbye to blurry vision when swimming. If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, prescription swimming goggles will bring new found joy and excitement underwater. In addition, they also help you steer clear of any hazards. Swimming is great for sport and recreation hence if you need prescription lenses to see clearly we have an excellent solution for you whenever you want to swim. Traditional swimming goggles are designed for those who don’t need visual correction. However, in your situation you need prescription swimming glasses with the right diopter lenses. Optic kit is a product we have perfected to transform those traditional swimming goggles to highly accurate, crystal clear prescription optical goggles at an affordable price.

Why use prescription goggles?

When you are swimming it’s important to have the correct visual judgment of position of objects in your vicinity. What you don’t want is to bump into other swimmers or knock your head on the walls of the pool. Optic kit is a stick on lens which enables you to see as clearly as you would do with your usual prescription glasses. The kit comes as positive or negative diopter lenses which match your prescription glasses thus making it a perfect substitute when swimming. Coupled with a blue or yellow tint on the swimming goggles, you see clearly without any color distortion.

Eye protection

There are other risks other than hitting objects or other swimmers in the pool. Although chlorine in the water kills any infections, it irritates the eyes leading to blood shot eyes after swimming. By wearing prescription swimming goggles you protect your eyes from the chlorine as they create a seal around your eyes. When you put on the swimming goggles you don’t have to over tighten the straps as the material around the eyes is designed to conform to the facial contours. This allows a seal to be made easily thus protecting your eyes. Optic kit, a set of corrective lenses for swimming goggles, allows you to see your surroundings in great detail while your eyes are protected. Never use contact lenses underwater as there is increased risk of infection. Simply use the stick-on lenses and your swimming goggles are transformed into a perfect swimming accessory.

Types of swimming goggles

You may be overwhelmed by the wide selection of swimming goggles on the market today but there are generally 4 different types of these swimming goggles. In each of these goggles you can transform them into perfect prescription swimming goggles by attaching Optic kit to the inside of the goggles as per instructions. The stick-on corrective lenses then enable you to see clearly without any blurring or eye strain. This application is universal in all traditional swimming goggles and the following are the different types.

  • Swedish swimming goggles
    These swimming goggles offer superior built quality and good visibility. They are used for racing and competitive swimming. Expect to pay a little bit more for Swedish swimming goggles but you get a good accessory.
Prescription Swedish swimming goggles
  • Training swimming goggles
    These swimming goggles have smaller lenses so that you can be more focused when swimming. Visibility is also excellent although peripheral vision is better with open-water swimming goggles. The training goggles are ideal for competitive swimming and come in various colors or tints.
Prescription Training swimming goggles
  • Open-water swimming goggles
    These goggles are highly reliable and have large lenses for increased visibility. They are excellent for different water conditions and come with various tints to adapt to the changing clarity in the water. A full frame ensures there is even pressure distribution when you wear this open-water swimming goggles.
Prescription Open-water swimming goggles
  • Swimming mask
    This swimming mask is similar to a diving mask. The super-large lenses and frames enable it to have a wide viewing angle which is perfect for diving in the deep. It also offers additional protection in rough waters and you can swim in open waters comfortably. However, due to the large surface area they cannot be used for competitive swimming and racing as there is increased drag.
Prescription Swimming mask

How light behaves in water

Light behaves differently when you are swimming underwater than in the air. Objects appear larger than they are when in water. Consequently, this can affect hand-eye coordination but thanks to a unique type of prescription goggles for swimming, there is a solution. These swimming goggles have a space within the goggles so that light traverses from water to air before hitting the corrective lenses. This pocket of air in front of your eyes enables light rays to be focused more accurately. It becomes easy to see more clearly under water with corrected vision.

How do you use it?

It’s easy to apply Optic kit to your swimming goggles. You choose the right corrective lens with the optic strength that corresponds to your prescription glasses. Follow simple instructions outlined in this video to cut Optic kit into the desired size and shape of your swimming goggles. In addition, you can use the stick-on lenses with different optic strength for each eye depending on what your eye specialist prescribed. The flexibility in the way you adapt Optic kit to your swimming goggles is a popular attribute as it gives you the user a wide range of choices. Once it sticks to your goggles it stays there and water doesn’t affect its integrity. Don’t expect the lenses to fog up as they are designed with anti-fogging properties enabling you to stay in the water with no hassles.

Style and integrity maintained

Nowadays there are many stylish swimming goggles on the market. Optic kit perfectly blends with any pair of swimming goggles. Additionally they don’t compromise the style and integrity of the swimming goggles. Instead, they actually enhance their functionality as you can convert them into perfect prescription swimming goggles. Don’t strain you eyes while trying to figure out whether you have reached the end of the pool or not. Get Optic kit and save yourself from embarrassing moments. From our client testimonies it’s clear that once you starting using Optic kit it changes the way you swim. You become more confident and ultimately enjoy swimming to the fullest.


Optic kit was designed to be long-lasting. As long as you see clearly while swimming with your goggles, you can continue using the same corrective lenses. They can easily be removed and reapplied on the inside of your swimming goggles. You can continue with the usual maintenance of your swimming goggles like replacing the silicone straps.

Age of use

Prescription swimming goggles can be used in all ages as long as one is able to swim. We get a lot of calls from customers saying they were having difficulties when trying to get into the pool until they started using Optic kit with their swimming goggles. Now they can see clearly while walking around the pool or in the water.


Optic kit is the swimming accessory of choice when you want corrective lenses for swimming goggles. As highlighted it’s compatible with all swimming goggles and you can also use lenses with different optical strengths for each eye in the same pair of goggles. If you have multiple swimming goggles you can interchange the Optic kit with all of them.